October 23, 2013

At the Swinging Bridge, Elizabeth Furnace

When Frank's sister visited last month, one of the many places we took her to see was nearby George Washington National Forest. There we stopped at the Elizabeth Furnace picnic area and walked across the swinging bridge.

2009 Post: Suspension Bridge


  1. Those bridges move a lot when people walk, they look nice though. There is a long one across the James at Buchanan right beside Rt. 11.

  2. Sounds a wood's bridge! nice captures...

  3. The bridge looks very safe with all the railings. What an interesting place to go!

  4. Neat pictures! I always feel a little uneasy walking across a swinging bridge. :)

  5. A beautiful bridge. I don't think I've ever been across a swinging one.

  6. It sways when you cross it, and then some wise guy stomps or jumps and the boards under your feet jerk spastically, sickeningly! I wish my husband wouldn't do that!


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