October 11, 2013

Red Tree

I saw this maple in Winchester last week. For some reason the leaves started turning color there before they did here. We're not in the full glory of autumn yet, but it's coming!


  1. Gorgeous leaves. I never tire of them and they're so plentiful. Love bringing them in and scanning them. Just learned that if you laminate them, they'll keep their color for years.

  2. None of are trees are in their fall glory yet. Just starting soo..... it will be soon. I love the fall colors.

  3. Very 'autumn'. I love it ;-)

    Big hug from the Netherlands,

  4. It's beautiful! A lot of the trees around here seem to be going straight to brown and skipping the pretty colors this year.

  5. Wow - those red, hot autumn colours are amazing, things are starting to heat up Down Under for us as SUMMER is on it's way!

  6. These are beautiful red leaves. We don't have anything quite this spectacular here yet.


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