October 12, 2013

Lynn Gets a New Dog

My older daughter got a new dog. He was rescued and fostered by MidAtlantic BullyBuddies, and he is now healthy and very friendly. She wanted him because he looks like the dog she had for many years named Rock. Although he was large, Rock was a very gentle dog and remarkably obedient most of the time.


  1. he is beautiful. i hope he will be a great family member for her. :)

  2. He's a handsome fellow. I'm sure he will be a good companion.

  3. From The crazy poodle and me in Australia - aargh that is a lovely story. Hugs to Lynn on rescuing her new best friend. I hope they will be very happy together!

  4. What a nice dog! I hope she will have a great time in your family!

    Greetings to you from the Netherlands,

  5. What a handsome pup - hooray for rescue dogs and blessings to Lynn for rescuing this sweetie!


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