October 31, 2013

Pumpkins and Corn Stalks

If you celebrate Halloween, tonight's the night! And even if you don't, enjoy something sweet and indulge in some make-believe! You deserve a little fun.

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  1. A nicely composed shot, just right for today!

  2. Wonderful with these pumpkins, color great, exquisite photo!

  3. Very pretty!
    Happy Friday!

  4. This is as perfect a photo for autumn as could be found.

  5. Beautifully done!! Striking color, composition, textures, and contrast. The scene has a wonderful feel to it.

  6. Post card perfect♫ It's dreary here today but the kids got out for cnady last night♥ http://lauriekazmierczak.com/many-moons/

  7. That's a beautiful arrangement. I love fall colours. - Margy


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