October 30, 2013

At the Dog Wash in Woodstock

Yesterday we tried out the "dog wash" for the first time. It's self-service and it's like a cross between pet groomer's equipment and a self-service car wash. In fact, it's owned by a car wash!

There's a device for entering your money which gives you six minutes of combined wash and dry time. You choose shampoo, rinse or dry options on a dial. Be well organized and know where things are before you start because the timer keeps going.

We were a little concerned about washing Ben because he doesn't care for baths, but he behaved very well.


  1. Ben looks very distinguished.

    One of my friends has a couple of dogs. In their voice she refers to the bath as the watery abyss of torture.

  2. These are especially good for people with larger dogs and it beats bending over a bathtub.

  3. Soon a clean good smelling voffy!:)

  4. Pretty cool! Our dog hates baths. I wonder if this would work better for him. I've never seen any like that around here.

  5. they put one of these at a car wash in town here, too. don't know if it is well used or not.

  6. If we had one here like this I would use it. Instead, we have 2 gals with a big red bud that comes to the house every six weeks. It is a real treat. Happy Halloween.

  7. ha, this is funny...we have one down the road from us and i'm trying to find info to take ozzy and it led me to your blog! ben looks like he's enjoying himself!


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