September 21, 2013

Two Roads, Two Days, Two Bears

I've been watching websites like Massanutten Game Trails and noticed there are plenty of bear sightings in Virginia this year. So I felt it was time we saw a bear, and when we went up to Skyline Drive two weeks ago I announced that I wanted to see a bear.

Sure enough, we saw one crossing the road. He strode across briskly and disappeared into the forest.

The next day I was driving to Woodstock and noticed the flashing lights of a sheriff's car in the parking lot of a motorcycle shop. Oh dear! A bear had been hit and killed by a vehicle.

Poor bear! I imagine the motorist had suffered a bit of a shock too.

I'm posting this sad scene to remind readers to drive carefully and watch for wildlife. This creature was hit in Maurertown on U.S. 11, a busy road where you don't expect to see a bear.

P.S. I read in NVDaily that the accident caused $1,700 in damages to a truck and there was also an incident in Bentonville in which a police car hit a bear. Be careful out there!


  1. i can only imagine how rough that would be on animal and vehicle. (i love when joe posts the triplets...)

  2. We risk a double danger, the Bear and the driver!

  3. Oh my! Love the thought of seeing a bear (from a far safely). Enjoyed having a look at your recent photos :).

  4. That almost looks like some kind of four legged creature like a black bob cat or something.


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