September 22, 2013

An Old Friend Turns 80!

Last week I went to a birthday celebration for an old friend. It was held at a church near Newington where her son is a pastor.

I worked with Sarah Fields almost 40 years ago at the Extension Office in Alexandria. It was my first job and she was an inspiration to me. We were community organizers for the city's fledgling 4-H program.

Our children became friends and even told people that they were cousins! Sarah and I kept in touch over the years, so when her daughter told me they were planning a celebration for her 80th birthday, I made plans to go.
The location was over 90 minutes from here, but I was greeted so warmly by Sarah's family that I was really happy I made the journey. And she is still an inspiring person, very giving and caring.

I made it a point to take pictures of her and her children because I knew my daughters would want to see them.


  1. that is so sweet! happy 80th to her. :)

  2. Such a nice time to reunite with old friends! Hope her day was the best ever!

  3. Wow, everyone looks great here.


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