September 1, 2013

Town on Russell Fork

In Elkhorn City, Kentucky

The road down from Breaks Interstate Park runs beside Russell Fork, a river that also flows through Elkhorn City.

The artwork under the bridge bears the message:
"The Rivers Make the Mountains.
The Mountains Make the People."

When I stopped to get a picture of the river, I also found a caboose, a strolling dog, and a historical marker.
"William Ramey, born ca. 1782, came from North Carolina. He purchased 200-acre tract near the mouth of Elkhorn Creek in 1816. Served as justice of the peace, sheriff, and commissioner of roads in Pike Co. Acquired thousands of acres by land surveys and county court orders. The founder of Elkhorn City, his descendants still live in the area."


  1. really green next to that river. pretty dog, too. :)

  2. I love that sweet dog. Also the artwork quote you found, very apt!

  3. That is some bright green grass by that river. Beautiful!


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