September 2, 2013

This Reminds Me of "Cold Mountain"

Fallen Soldier of the Confederate Army
Name and Date Unknown

This grave and historical marker are on state route 80 near it's intersection with the entrance road of Breaks Interstate Park. This site is located on the upper left of the park map.

The Kentucky historical marker reads:

Known but to God

Here rests the body of a soldier of the Confederacy, struck down by an unknown assassin in May of 1865 — apparently on way to home in the South. He was buried in a coffin made of boards rived from a great oak by four men of this community. After the turn of the century, a rose bush marked this final resting place of a soldier who is "Known but to God."

Link (on Amazon): Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier


  1. Beautiful and I love your comparison to Cold Mountain! Great post!

  2. beautiful...i loved cold mountain. there's another book he wrote that i really liked, can't think of the name right off.

  3. Oh, how sad. To think he was on his way home and then got shot. What a sad time for our country and for his family.

  4. A touching memorial and that book is on my list. Sad to think of that time of strife, not so long ago really.


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