September 20, 2013

The Farmstead at Jackson's Mill

Conrad Cabin

West Virginia University acquired the Jackson's Mill property in 1921. Since Stonewall Jackson had lived there as a boy, the site was historically significant, even though the house had burned down in 1915. The white-painted grist mill from Jackson's time still stands beside the West Fork.

Other old buildings have been moved to the property to create a village of 19th-century structures.
Blaker's Mill
At times there are demonstrations of milling, weaving, spinning, basket making, candle dipping, wood working, and blacksmithing. Since the property is also home to a 4-H Youth Camp, young people have an opportunity to see how things were made 150 years ago. From From April through October, a general store is open Wednesday through Sunday. The complex reminds me of Old Bedford Village but not as large.

Jackson's Mill is near a small town called Jane Lew which is a short drive from Weston, WV. I recommend a visit if you are within a few hours of there. See the online directions.

McWhorter Cabin


  1. beautiful photographs specially last photo..

  2. Looks like a very interesting place.

  3. That's a neat old cabin. It's great that this is a place that keeps alive how things used to be done.

  4. This does look like a fascinating site. I would love to visit, but I'm not sure when we will get to that area.

  5. I worked at Jackson's Mill back in the 90's. Conrad cabin was the gift shop and I gave tours of the other buildings. Beautiful place.


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