September 20, 2013

Misty Morning in Elkins

Looking Toward the Town of Elkins, WV
Shopping Center Viewed from Hampton Inn 
On the last night of our 5-day trip we stayed in Elkins, West Virginia.  From there it should have been an easy drive home but the weather was rainy so that slowed us down a little. Nonetheless, we reached Woodstock (VA) in time to pick up our dogs at the kennel before they closed.

Anyway, I had a great trip with plenty of photogenic scenery and the thrill of seeing the home of my g-g-g-grandparents in Chesapeake, Ohio.  Other highlights were Breaks Interstate Park (see August posts) and Jackson's Mill. Yes, it has taken me a month to blog about a five-day tour! And there are plenty of pictures I left out.

I think I wore out my old Coolpix camera. It's not working well now.


  1. really beautiful low, layering clouds over the mountains. :)

  2. Just lovely - and you've now a good excuse to get a camera:)

  3. Lovely clouds. Glad you had such a good trip.


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