August 14, 2013

More Pictures of Aldie Mill

If you drive out Route 50 through Aldie, Virginia, stop at the old mill and walk around. The historic mill and related buildings are impressive and the creek is charming. There are signs to help you understand the history and the mill operations.

Check out the Regional Park Authority's website on Aldie Mill.

See my Civil War Field Trip pages on Aldie and the mill.


  1. Excelentes fotografias de belo moinho....

  2. If you research county records, it is amazing at how many mills there were throughout VA. At one time we were pretty much self sufficient when it came to grain products. We are putting a lot of faith in the ability to ship in grain, feed and flower these days.

  3. Looks like a fascinating place; love old buildings like that.

  4. how pretty and i believe what sunnybrook says. it seems like every small town we drive through has the name mill on a road, may not be standing anymore but must have been there some time ago!

  5. I love these old mills, there's one on the border between Princeton and a neighboring village, it's been rebuilt 3 times since Washington's day but definitely an old stalwart:)


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