August 13, 2013

Inside the Aldie Mill

The village of Aldie has a charming old mill complex that's now operated by the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority. When I took my parents there almost 20 years ago we toured the inside. My mom was very interested in mills and bridges and their technology. I think she would have made a good engineer!

When Frank and I were in Aldie a few weeks ago we stopped at the mill and got to see corn being ground into meal.


  1. I like the old machinery, what they could do back then was really neat. I have seen some that were wooden gears or maybe cogs, just sticks running together on wheels. Black Dog salvage dismantled one in Floyd county on one of hte Salvage Dawgs shows last year.

  2. Neat video! I have visited a mill similar to this too. It's like a little trip back in time.


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