August 22, 2013

History High on a Mountain

 At the top of Walker Mountain are these historical markers. There is also a highway marker for the county line separating Wythe County and Bland County. As you can see there is a magnificent view here! This view was seen by Federal soldiers when they crossed here in 1863.

The Civil War Trails sign deals with the Battle of Wytheville (also mentioned in yesterday's post).  The Toland's Raid marker beside Route 52 (shown below) gives us a short version of the story:
Col. John T. Toland of the 34th Regiment Mounted Ohio Volunteer Infantry leading Federal cavalrymen, marched from Tazewell County, and raided Wytheville during the evening of 18 July 1863. Confederate troops under Maj. Thomas M. Bowyer and local citizens fortified in buildings at first withstood the attack, killing Toland. After the Confederates withdrew, Federal forces burned several buildings. After learning that Confederate troops were situated at present day Rural Retreat, the federals left Wytheville early the next morning initially headed north towards Walker Mountain.
Local legend has it that a young woman rode her horse 40 miles to warn the Confederates that the Yankees were coming. You can read her story on the Big Walker Lookout website.

 We parked at the Big Walker Lookout to take these pictures.


  1. Yes, it is a beautiful view. One could learn so much if they take the time to stop and read the historical markers along the highways. Have a nice weekend. Mickie :)

  2. Incredible to think we're seeing what they (mostly) saw! Beautiful place!

  3. Wonders of pictures! Glad when
    appreciate great story like this.


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