August 23, 2013

Big Walker Lookout

Today's Skywatch Photo
We did not attempt to climb the lookout tower. Neither of us could have made it since we were stiff from riding in the car for hours and my knees had been bothering me for a couple of days. The charge for adult tickets is now $6 and there was no point in paying that just to go up part of the way.

I recall being there as a child and I don't know if we even climbed it then. I think the charge was more like a quarter fifty-plus years ago but that was worth enough to hesitate over, especially for a family.

There's a store there where you can buy tickets or snacks.
On Walker Mtn. North of Wytheville, VA


  1. the top shot is really cool. like a stairway to the sky. :)

  2. It must be a challenge to climb the tower. Great shot of it.

  3. Neat picture. That's pretty tall. I wouldn't have climbed it either.

  4. I likely wouldn't be up to the challenge either. Nice photo though.


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