August 30, 2013

Blog Post #4000

Time goes by so quickly! I've been blogging for eight years and this is my four thousandth post. And here it is Labor Day Weekend although it seems like Summer is just getting started!

In 2005 I did not blog every day, especially during the months when we were living in Glebe Harbor. High speed internet was not available there at that time, so we used dial-up. But the phone lines had not been upgraded so speed was unbearably slow. I kept graphics turned off but pages still loaded so slowly that I could click on a link, go to the kitchen and pour a cup of coffee and come back to find the page had not finished loading!

Now they have cable internet there via Metrocast. We just visited there to inspect our house there because the tenants have moved on and it's available to rent. I'll share photos later but for now I want to finish posting pictures from our trip to Breaks and the Ohio River Valley.


  1. Congratulations on your 4000th post, a great achievment :)
    Look forward to seeing many many more.

  2. That puddle is cool, almost in the shape of Texas... kind of. Congrulations on #4000


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