July 11, 2013

Virginia Beach Sunrise

 This is where we were on Tuesday morning. I took dozens of photos and I'll share some more soon. I like the solitude expressed in these. There's more of a oneness than a loneliness.

For those who prefer larger pictures, I apologize but I have two reasons for keeping the images fairly small, in addition to the size allowed by my template.

  1. Limiting the image size lets the page load quickly. 
  2. People are less likely to steal a small picture. Yes, unfortunately this is an issue. (See Who is Stealing Your Pictures?)


  1. Very beautiful photos for SWF!Thank you for sharing and have a nice weekend!

  2. Hello from one Linda to another!
    What a gorgeous photo. I agree with you about the 'oneness' as opposed to 'loneliness'.
    I hope to return and see more of your beautiful part of the world.

  3. Breathtaking skies!

    The linky for Orange you glad it's Friday is now open. Hope you could join and share with us your orange photo.

  4. Beautiful photos, Linda! I really like these.

  5. I'm partial, but I do love the runner!

  6. I love the golden sparkly hues in your shots. We got back from our beach trip to Gulf Shores, Al two weeks ago and your photo gives me a hankering to go back.

  7. Wonderful photos, exquisite beauty in this morning! Greetings!

  8. They are gorgeous, especially the young lady jogger. You got the positioning just perfect!

  9. Beautiful sunrise capture! I love watching the sunrise over the ocean. Happy Skywatching!


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