July 12, 2013

Pirate Putt-Putt

Miniature Golf in Virginia Beach

Dave and Allison invited us to play minigolf on Tuesday afternoon. The course had 18 holes and a pirate theme. Shortly after our game started, the sun came out from behind the clouds and the heat became oppressive. I'm not a good golfer and gave up a few holes from the end of the course in order to find some shade.

I don't know this girl but I like her pink outfit.


  1. Minigolf can be fun (haven't played for many years) but I would also be looking for the shade too!

  2. We are in Kill Devil Hills NC right now and yesterday my Grandson went to a Pirate Mini Golf. He has been wanting to go golfing for awhile now so this was the perfect time to do that.

  3. Sounds like fun, but the heat probably would have bothered me too.


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