July 17, 2013

Our Trio on the Beach

A Week Ago at Virginia Beach

Frank met his daughter and her husband for a dawn walk on the beach. They strolled to the pier and came back via the boardwalk.


  1. Sounds like good time spent with family. And such a lovely place to be too!

  2. Hi Linda, great shots. I visit Virginia Beach quite a lot as my husband's family lives there. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your week :)

  3. Hi Linda:) I love the beach and all your photos of Virginia Beach.
    You look lovely in the photo Frank took of you,...very demure!

  4. Very nice Linda.... Where is your swimming suit? If you are like me, you feel so healthy and alive in the surf and sand

  5. Hi Linda, We love to go to the beach also--but we go in May (off-season) to avoid the crowds. We go to Ocean Isle Beach in NC... Love it--and love all of that fabulous seafood... Sounds like you had a great visit to the beach.


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