July 16, 2013

Bathing Beauties

Virginia Beach, VA

When Allison asked what I like best about the beach, I hesitated and then said "Walking on the beach." I don't consider myself a beach person, but I also like getting fresh seafood fixed to order, taking pictures, and watching wildlife.

We weren't in the best location for seeing wildlife at this busy location; nearby Sandbridge seems to be better for that. And even better is the Eastern Shore, which is across the Chesapeake Bay from here.


  1. I like walking on the beach too, although I'd prefer to walk somewhere less populated.

  2. I love walking on beaches! Of course here in Scotland it's very bracing if you're walking barefoot...I spent a couple of summers in California as a student, and loved walking along in the warm surf. Nothing like sand a salt water for giving the best pedicure!


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