June 11, 2013

A Tactical Mountain Pass — Thornton Gap

Thornton Gap is one of the lower points on crest of the Blue Ridge within Shenandoah National Park. Route 211 winds up the mountain and passes through this gap, and you can enter Skyline Drive here if you pay a fee or have a National Parks Pass.

The Panorama wayside is at the top of the pass. Here I found a Civil War Trails sign entitled Thornton Gap, Tactical Mountain Pass. It begins with this:
During the Civil War, this gap in the Blue Ridge was of significant tactical importance for the movement of troops, artillery and supply wagons. The Thornton's Gap Turnpike, a macadamized (hard-surfaced) turnpike passed through the gap and linked Luray in the Shenandoah Valley and Culpeper Court House in the central Piedmont. The Sperryville and Rappahannock Turnpike ran from Warrenton to a junction with the Thornton's Gap Turnpike at Sperryville.
The officers pictured are General Adolph von Steinwehr (U.S.A.) and General Richard S. Ewell (C.S.A.). Click on the image to see a larger version.


  1. Hey, we were there 6 weeks ago. Came down from Ontario for a trip through Shenandoah, down the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Great Smokies. Had a wonderful time!

  2. Hello Linda

    At last the CDP portal is acknowledging the anniversary of its member bloggers. We are starting with those bloggers whose anniversary falls in June 2013. For tomorrow, may I congratulate you on the eight years so far, and wish you good luck for the coming twelve months.

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    warm regards

  3. An important roadway...strategically and for we tourists who came later.


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