May 24, 2013

Sunny Clouds and Sudden Rain

Both yesterday and the day before we had erratic weather, with beautiful skies alternating with popcorn storms. (Popcorn storms pop up suddenly and move on quickly.)

By late afternoon the clouds were so dramatic I just had to venture out in the wet grass to take some pictures.

It's Skywatch Day — See the Skyley blog.


  1. wow! makes for gorgeous sky shots!

  2. The phrase 'popcorn storm' is new to me, but it's very appropriate and I like it. Your photos are fantastic.

  3. Majestic sky shots!

  4. Gorgeous! Looks like the heavens above us :)

  5. We have had some pretty mean looking clouds in our neck of the woods lately. Your pictures are beautiful.

  6. Beautiful photos, wonderful colors and exquisite sky! Greetings.


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