May 25, 2013

Hail to the ...

Another highlight of the Apple Blossom Parade was the band for Washington's football team.

I can understand why many people find the name "Redskins" somewhat offensive. But the name has been used for years and it holds nostalgia for many fans. So I propose a solution: keep the name but change the logo to something that has nothing to do with any ethnic group.

For instance, a drawing of a redskin potato would avoid the problem. Alternately, they could depict a sunburned person, kind of like the old Coppertone girl ad.

Yeah, I know it's ridiculous! Someone will have to come up with a better idea.


  1. I don't know why people have become so 'politically correct' these last few years. When I was growing up no one paid any attention to saying 'redskins'. But, we have become a country who is so nickpicky it's ridiculous!

  2. Gostei da banda e adorei as imagens do céu com nuvens encanta! bjs

  3. I think your idea is no more ridiculous than the fuss some people make about offensive words. 'Freshman' has been banned in Washington State.

  4. Imagine the headlines in the sports section when they'd lose. Redskins Mashed!

  5. Hilary, that's really funny!

    George, I did not know about the word freshman! That seems odd.


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