March 19, 2013

Ungulate Invasion

Lately I've been looking out the window from time to time to see if geese from the lake have come up to the bird feeders. I don't like the mess they leave so I'm trying to discourage them from grazing too close to the house.

Yesterday I glanced out the window and was surprised to see larger animals grazing there!

I called to my husband to come see the sheep! He thought I said geese and was puzzled that I sounded excited. I grabbed my camera and went to the window.

The little herd moved away as soon as they saw me. I took a few pictures and then called Animal Control at the sheriff's office. My theory was that the animals had escaped from a farm on Richardson Road.

By the time the Animal Control officer located the farmer and he showed up in his pickup truck, the herd had disappeared in the direction of the dam. The farm is just past there, across a little creek and a fence.

The farmer's son located the animals among the trees across the dam. He tried to get them to go through the fence but there was no opening at that point. Suddenly they reappeared and thundered along the top of the dam, followed by the farmer's little dog!

I don't usually post two views so similar but I think you should get a closer look at the herd dashing along. Click on the picture to see it full-size.

The son reported that the animals found the opening in the fence and headed home! He and his dad blocked the gap in the fence. The son followed the animals and the farmer and the dog went back to the truck and went home.

We had sleet and ice later that day so I'm glad the animals got home safely.


  1. Such dramatic happenings! I have a soft spot for goats, not that they deserve it. And not because they make good cheese and surprisingly good stew. I hear they are excellent for removal of brush and herbaceous invasive species.

  2. livestock can be such great escape artists - always love it when they find the break back in!

  3. What a sight! And quite an adventure, I'd have been excited too. I love the dog chasing the herd, doing what it does best:)

  4. Oh, what delightful visitors! Love the wintry photos.

  5. Oh Linda!
    Lucky girl, the subjects came to you :D
    such a delight :)

  6. what a wonderful post with great photos.. Glad they all returned home safe and sound.

  7. fun adventure for those goats and no one got hurt!! yay!!

  8. Oh, no! You were invaded! Gorgeous pictures though. Wow, it's so lovely there! I do miss it a lot!

  9. Really awesome pictures. That's a real treat for any photographer.

    Mersad Donko Photography


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