March 18, 2013

Goose in Snow

We had another late-winter snowfall today.
Lately the geese have been coming up to the bird feeders to pick at seed that's spilled on the ground. I don't like them coming so close to the house. They leave a mess!

One way to make them leave is to walk outside and shoo them away. But I've got another method: open the window and tap on the outside. This makes the dogs bark, and with the window open it sounds alarmingly close to the geese. They turn and waddle back to the lake.


  1. Hi Linda, nice photo,you are lucky to have these geese coming to your door to have their photo taken, I have to walk for hours just to snap some photo of them....:).
    True, they can make a mess and they can be pretty aggressive....
    Have a nice day!

  2. I think he's saying thank you for the seed.

  3. No geese here, but it's the grackles and starlings that invade our feeders. Tapping on the kitchen window does scare them off but only for a few minutes...maybe Flash could help out.

  4. Oh my gosh.... I can tell you horror stories about the geese coming to our house. I have had them come right on our porch before..... Poor things are just hungry but you are right... they leave a horrible stinky mess

  5. Your dog deterrent method sounds creative!

  6. I keep thinking winter is over but snow is in the forecast for here tomorrow - the first day of Spring!
    Cute duck!
    I can imagine they would be quite messy.

  7. Oh I can imagine the mess. Can't blame you for sending them on their way but you did snap a nice image there.

  8. I like this picture. Looks like he is about to sing! Haha! I can understand why you wouldn't want them close to the house.

  9. I'm that way with the cats who roam loose around here! And occasionally a dog with no leash will look like he's interested in using the edge of my yard for a potty, too. I think I need a fog horn! :-)

    He's a handsome goose, though!


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