March 13, 2013

Lost Memory

I lost my memory... card that is! It was a tiny SD card from my camera. I don't know how you like to transfer image files, but I remove the card from the camera and put it in a slot in my laptop. Well, before the card went missing the last thing I did with the SD card was transfer the files, eject the card, and put it in my pocket.

The next day I noticed it was not in the camera and searched for it, emptying my pockets, looking on tables, even searching the laundry hamper. I wondered where it could be, but finally gave up and put another card in the camera.

A couple days later, guess what I found it in a can of dog treats!

Ah yes! Sometimes I stick extra treats in my pocket in case I need to bribe, I mean train, one of the dogs. If I don't need them, I can always put them back in the treat can. Well, it looks like everything in my pocket went into the can.


  1. Funny story. My memory is often in the can too, these days. ;)

  2. This is probably a very funny story but I can't seem to find my glasses to read where did those go?

  3. laughing out loud!!! "that linda - her photos have really gone to the dogs..."

  4. Haha! This gave me a giggle. Glad you found it!

  5. That is so funny! I'm very glad you found it!

  6. How did it get there? One mystery left to be discovered. Well, good thing you were able to transfer and back up. It would be heartbreaking if your lost your card and your files. - Marko


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