February 15, 2013

A Question for Bloggers

Okay, some of the good folks who follow this blog are really great about commenting so I have a question for them. How do you manage all that commenting? 

I know it's polite to visit someone's blog after they comment on my posts. And I'm also following quite a few blogs that I like to comment on. But it takes time and the more blogs I read, the more time it takes. I realize that some of you have less time available than I do since you have a job or children to take care of. So how do you keep up? Is there a shortcut to doing this, an app that helps you keep track? 

For readers who don't do this, I can explain how it happens. When I start to comment on someone's post, I usually see other comments and sometimes I can tell that one or more is from someone with whom I have something in common. Perhaps they are from my part of the country or perhaps they are a lover of gardens or birds or history, or perhaps they are an artist (which I am not) and I like to see their work. So I go to their blog and comment on something, and later they click my name and come to my blog and comment. So soon I am getting more comments, which is fantastic, and I have cool blogs to read, which is wonderful! But one night I realize it is one o'clock in the morning and my eyes are tired and my wrist is getting numb. And I still haven't caught up on commenting!

Tips are welcome. But right now I need to go to bed! Good night everyone! And thanks for visiting my blog.


  1. Well, it is after one o'clock here so I'm probably not the one to ask. :)
    I think if someone takes the time to comment on my blog I want to repay that kindness. Sometimes depending on what's on my plate that might not be until the next day. I try to take periods of time throughout the day and comment back as comments come in instead of all at once - it's less tiring. The only drawback is if I haven't visited that blog before and it's one I find enjoyable I do tend to spend time there or bookmark it to come back to later when I do have more time.
    I hope you can find a method that suits you. Good Luck.

  2. No words of wisdom here, either. It can be tiring to keep up with all and sometimes I don't manage it.
    Most people are aware we all have limited time, so we just do what we can, when we can x

  3. I only comment on those who visit my blog so I don't have that many people to visit back.

    I think Liz at a Nut In A Nutshell does the same but she gets 100s of comments. She still always visits me back when I visit her.... Not sure how she manages to keep up with it all.

  4. It's a struggle for me too. I just do the best I can. I don't have any magic answers for you, I'm afraid.

  5. It is definitely a struggle to keep up! But I believe in commenting on the blogs of those who comment on mine so I try to carve out at least an hour a day to visit their blogs.

  6. i totally get it. i am blessed with loyal readers and commenters. and when i join in with memes, i sometimes get new visitors coming over. i always try to return the visit and comment at their place, too. and as folks join in to follow, i try to resist following them back as i only have SO MANY HOURS of my life to give to blogging (and i give too many). i hate not being able to follow everyone, but i have to hold back. i hate unfollowing someone later as i feel like i hurt their feelings. i try to find a balance, but it is extremely hard sometimes!

  7. I"m in the same situation, so any advice you find that works please share it with me :)

  8. Linda, a good question and like the others, Intoo try to comment when I can. Sometimes , it is every few days which does not mean I did not read and appreciate a visit to our blog, but an attempt to manage my time. I do not participate in memes only because it would take even more time. It does seem that some bloggers will not comment unless you comment on their blog. Others never comment on other blogs but only reply to comments on their blog. In shirt,mothers is no easy answer...maybe a longer day?

  9. Thanks for your responses. Glad I am not the only one who is struggling with this.

  10. I visit lots of blogs and certainly visit those who comment on mine but sometimes I don't find anything I really want to comment on and I don't care for the folk who seem to leave a bland comment like "great shot for the theme" often then with a direct link to their meme-post. A few years ago but only rarely now I do look the blogs of others who've commentated on someone else's blog and with whom I might have some common ground. Blogs that have hundreds of regular comment I tend to think - they don't really need another one - in the end I try not to get uptight about these things and not feel guilty about not leaving comments if I can't think of anything to say.


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