February 15, 2013

A Genealogy Shortcut

I've posted some of my family history on this blog and the results have been incredible! I've heard from various distant relatives and they have contributed information about my ancestors that I did not have before. I'll share some of this when I get it organized.

Judge D. H. Hammer
In the meantime, here's a tip for those who have family roots going back to the time of the American Revolution: You can check the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) database to see if one of your ancestors has been catalogued there. 

This occurred to me recently when seeing a DAR book in a public library reminded me that my grandfather's sister had applied for membership in the DAR. I went to the DAR.org website and found the Genealogical Research Database. A search brought up the names of a few of my ancestors. I was pleased to find the following on my great-grandfather and his father:
David Harry Hammer was the child of
John W Hammer born on 21 - May - 1806 at Hagerstown MD
died at Polo IL on 5 - Jan - 1879 and his ( 1st ) wife
Eliza Witmer born on 25 - Dec - 1813 at Beaver Creek MD died at IL on 1 - Apr - 1907 married on 14 - Feb - 1832
The Said John W Hammer was the child of
George Hammer born on - - 1765 at Lancaster Co PA
died at Hagerstown MD on 31 - Jul - 1829 and his ( 1st ) wife
Catherine Hull born on - - 1769 at Lancaster Co PA
died at Hagerstown MD on 9 - May - 1853 married on - - 1790
Below that is George Hammer's Revolutionary War record:


  1. How nice to hear from relatives that you hardly know and learn more about your roots.

  2. My husband has recently returned to searching his ancestry and has found the Mormon Church website very helpful. His family originated in Scotland and Ireland, but I will tell him about the DAR site. Thanks for sharing the info on your searches.


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