October 2, 2011

Historic Moorefield

moorefield signLast weekend we took advantage of Hardy County Heritage Days to visit a couple of towns in West Virginia. My excuse for driving to Moorefield was to visit the old theatre,  but I looked forward to the journey because crossing the mountains on "Corridor H" is fun.  (See this 2010 post for a highway photo.)

Moorefield is a busy town with some quaint historical buildings in the center. It was founded during the Revolutionary War.

This marker gives a very brief history of Moorefield.
Chartered, 1777, and named for Conrad Moore, early settler. During Indian wars, Town Fort, north, and Fort Buttermilk, south, gave protection. Here, 1794, Gen. Biggs brought part of the troops recruited to suppress Whisky Rebellion.
Theater and Museum
Hotel Moorefield

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