October 4, 2010

Light and Clouds at the Lake

Yesterday we were in Warren County so we stopped at Shenandoah River Lakes. The clouds had just parted and there was sunlight streaking across the lake, making the fountain glow. Knowing the effect wouldn't last long, I grabbed the closest camera and took a picture. Then I tried to zoom and accidentally turned the camera off! I had forgotten that my old camera (which was the one I grabbed) has the Off switch in the same place as the Zoom button on my new camera (which I use most of the time).

Unfortunately, the old camera has an electronics problem. Sometimes an error message appears when I turn the camera off, and then I cannot get the power off nor can I turn the camera back on. I usually solve this by removing the battery briefly.

So there I was, struggling to get the camera off and on and the sun went back behind the clouds. I only got one shot of the light on the lake and that's the one above.

I was able to get some additional pictures with very different lighting by turning almost into the sun. I got some high-contrast pictures like the one here.
I've posted pictures of this lake before. We own property there and the view is pretty. Some of my favorites versions of the view are posted as:

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