June 7, 2010

Evening Sounds: Frog Calls

I think Froggie went a courtin' by singing in our pond. Click the arrow to listen.

It was too dark to get much in the way of of visuals except trees and sky but they're nice and peaceful.


  1. I don't know your frog. Have you been able to identifiy it. I did a frog count here near the Ohio River and that was not a sound we heard. That is a great recording and should be used as the example on wikapedia for whatever frog it is.

  2. Sorry, I have not been able to actually see the frog. I looked around the pond in the daytime but he was hiding very well.

    We are in the mountains of Virginia. My husband built the pond last year using a plastic form about the size of a wading pool. Somehow the frog found it and made his home there.


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