April 27, 2010

Register Now for NVCC Civil War Tour!

History Seminar: Civil War Guerrilla Warfare
2010 Field Trips May 21, 22, 23

Dr. Charles Poland will lead another series of field trips starting May 21 in Middletown, VA and traveling to Moorefield and Romney, WV, Cumberland MD, and through "Mosby's Confederacy" in Northern Virginia.

I've taken many of his courses in the past including the Mosby tour and this one promises to cover some new territory. Many of those who attend his courses are long-time fans who've been enjoying these trips for years.

Participants are advised to "Bring snacks and water each day and lunch for May 22 and 23. All three days bring rain gear, clothing and footwear for extensive walking. " Personally I always bring along sunscreen and spray my shoes with insect repellent. Maps and a GPS can also come in handy, although I've taken these tours for 19 years without a GPS and only got lost once.

We'll follow the exploits of McNeill’s Rangers, Mosby, White and Mobberly. Sign up now for HIS 298-036N – Seminar and Project: the Civil War, class number 13679 at Northern Virginia Community College.

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