April 26, 2010

Bobby the Tavern Cat

We stopped for lunch on Thursday at a restaurant in Charles City (which is not a city but a small town and also the name of a county not far from Richmond). I won't name the restaurant but it's called a tavern (although it's more of a quaint eatery in an old farmhouse).

We were dining out on the porch when a cat entered through a hole he had ripped in the screen. He looked cute when he begged from the floor, and also when he stretched out on the chair next to mine. I felt concerned though when he hopped up on the table, and when he put his nose down in the cole slaw, I'd had enough of his assertive style and picked up up and deposited him back on the floor. By the time our waiter reappeared the cat had gone back outside through the hole in the screen.

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