February 7, 2010

How Much Snow?

We measured 21 inches of snow in the driveway yesterday. My sister got more than that in Loudoun County but I'm not jealous. In 2003 we had about 30 inches up here, and we got snowed in for 5 days. (Maybe it was 4 days and just seemed longer.) We weren't permanent residents then; we had a chalet on the other side of the resort and had come up for a long weekend.

Snow removal equipment kept breaking down and the crews did not get to our little court because it was all they could do to clear the more-traveled roads. Finally Frank located a neighbor who had a small backhoe. He came over and plowed a lane from the corner to our car so that we could get out.

Now we have an ongoing contract for snow removal and two men showed up this morning and cleared our driveway. It doesn't look as pretty as it did when I took the photo but it looks a lot better in a way.

1 comment:

  1. I guess I got lucky. It was alot of snow but not as bad as it was in December.


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