January 10, 2010

Along I-64 on Afton Mountain

Along Interstate 64 between Waynesboro and Charlottesville there are a couple of overlooks where you can pull off to see the view. They are only accessible eastbound and are restricted to regular-size vehicles.

If you are traveling traveling west over the Blue Ridge, you won't find an overlook on I-64. However, you can exit at the top of the mountain (Exit 99) and drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway or Skyline Drive and see spectacular views. The Parkway is free; Skyline Drive charges an admission fee if you don't have a National Parks Pass.

Back to the overlooks: I took these photos at the second one, which is lower in elevation than the first but still has a pleasant view. Here there is a memorial to Virginia's highway workers who were killed on-the-job. This reminds us that the people who fix our roadways are often risking their lives to do so. It starts out:
The monument before you honors Virginia state Highway workers who lost their lives while serving the Commonwealth’s travelers. No public funds were used to build this memorial.
on Historical Marker Database.

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