November 19, 2009

Not Quite Feral, Not Quite Tame

I saw some cats on the other side of the lake across from our new property. This one was very friendly; his buddy seemed afraid of me.

I asked one of the neighbors if the cats were feral. "No, but they aren't pets either." The cats live in the park by the lake and some neighbors bring them food. In order to satisfy concerns voiced by the homeowners association, volunteers had the cats neutered and immunized.

This one looks pretty healthy.


  1. very recently we were adopted by first a pregnant, very beautiful grey cat and then a few days later a female calico cat... the grey one is not feral, not tame ~ just mostly hungry and the calico is very loving ~ and hungry... not sure where these cats came from but they live on our back porch now... the kids love them

  2. They are fortunate to have found you!


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