November 20, 2009

Changes in Blogger's "Next Blog" Button

Ever use the Next Blog>> button at the top of this blog? It takes you to another blog, and Blogger has changed the way it works.

For years it took me to a random blog. Yesterday I noticed it took me to a blog similar to the one I just left, that is, with something similar in the subject matter. I looked on Blogger Buzz and found this explanation. "The new and improved Next Blog link will now take you to a blog with similar content, in a language that you understand."

I didn't find a place to comment though. It's not totally a good thing. You might find yourself in a subject that does not interest you, and then find another and another on the same subject. This just happened to me; I kept getting aviation blogs, and they appeared to be computer-generated.

On the other hand, I like reading blogs in my native language, so I'm happy to see more of those. When the button brought up random blogs, I kept getting foreign blogs, and they often appeared to be about teen culture (clothing, jewelry, celebrities, high school clubs). So I stopped using the button for a while.


  1. i completely understand... happened to me last week and i don't like it either...

  2. I'm frustrated with the new changes to Next Blog, I am being directed bewilderingly to blogs about wedding photography and babies. I've posted a complaint about it in the Blogger Help forum, here's the link:


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