November 24, 2009

Blog Post #2200

Here we are at my two thousand and two hundredth post! I feel I should tell you a little more about myself, so I decided to list volunteer jobs that I've done, at least the ones that I spent more than a couple of hours doing. The first four took place in Alexandria, Virginia over a decade ago. The last three are current activities.
Have I forgotten anything? I'm not counting school projects (like the time I was picture editor for the newspaper at NVCC) or extra projects related to employment (like serving on the audit committee for UWA's credit union).

Volunteering has been fun and a great way to meet people. It also helped me get my first job plus I have used volunteer experience in portfolios when getting college credit for life experiences.

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  1. Thats is awesome that you feel that way!

    Volunteer Alexandria


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