June 27, 2016

Flowers, Flags, and a Fine Mural

The Good: I saw some pretty flowers this spring and remembered to take pictures of quite a few. If you are delighted by flower pictures, check out the Today's Flowers blog hop.

Not so good: Judith at Lavender Cottage has decided to stop hosting Mosaic Monday. That meme inspired me to create collages like this one. I hope someone will take it over.

The Random: When I was at the living history event commemorating the American Revolution, some yahoo passing by in a pickup truck mistook the British flag for a Confederate flag and hollered "White Power!" I felt embarrassed because many of the re-enactors were from northern states and probably concluded that Virginia is full of racists who can't even recognize the British flag.

On the other hand, recent news stories remind us that some Brits are as ethnocentric as our backwoods boys. So perhaps the remark was not totally off the mark in equating the Union Jack with prejudice. (No offense meant to our friends in the UK.)

The Fun:
  I enjoy art and on Saturday I got to see an artist at work in Strasburg.  Alice Mizrachi was putting the finishing touches on a mural behind the Emporium. I went by there again on Sunday and photographed the completed painting.

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June 26, 2016

Rockland Rurality

Rockland is a small town not far from Front Royal. I've posted pictures of Rockland before but it merits some more. 
Rockland Community Church
Barns Along Ashby Station Road

Lee and his Long Shadow

Monument to Robert E. Lee near Antietam

June 25, 2016

Critter Round-Up

Lately I've been taking more "critter" photos than I've had time to post, so here's an assortment of animals and birds.

Notice that the goslings have been growing! Soon they will look like mature geese.

Seen in Woodstock, VA

Horseman in Sepia

June 24, 2016

Five Photos for Late June

1. I relish anomalies as seen in my last post. This picture is another example: Civil War soldiers at a modern festival in Winchester. By the way, there are some history events going on this weekend at Cedar Creek and Belle Grove.

2. My Town Shoot Out is celebrating Summer Joys today. I figured this fellow in an orange kayak fit the topic.  

3. PhotoFriday is looking for mountainous scenes today. All I have to do is look out my window!

4. Also seen from my window: a cute squirrel.

5. Here's a photo from 14 years ago. 

June 22, 2002
Have a great weekend!

Time Warp

As you can probably tell from recent posts, I like "Living History" events. The costumes are fun to see and photograph, and the scenes make me think what it was like to live during an earlier era.

At the recent American Revolution event, I really enjoyed a glimpse into the past. Of course, we cannot stay there, and modern life reasserts itself quickly.

No doubt the soldiers of 240 years ago did not have signage for "British Camp" and "Colonial Camp." However, I'm sure they would have been happy to have motor vehicles for hauling their gear!

June 23, 2016

The Battle of Meadow Mills

Skywatch Shot with Cannon Fire
This fictitious battle was acted out at Cedar Creek on June 5, 2016. But in our imaginations it took place 240 years earlier during the American Revolution.

The folks who staged this event did a good job and I appreciate the photo ops. See also my earlier post about the encampment.

Near Middletown, Virginia

Revolutionary Encampment

A few weeks a reenactment was held at Cedar Creek Battlefield featuring a Revolutionary War encampment and a fictitious battle. There were no actual battles in the Shenandoah Valley during the American Revolution, but there are not many places left that are suited for hosting a battle so this one was used. (It's actually a Civil War site.)

I took many photos so they are spread out over several posts, including Leading a Horse and Portraits at Meadow Mills.

June 21, 2016

Portraits at Meadow Mills

Blog Post #5600

On my blog anniversaries I shift gears and write about blogging or fill in some gaps about my own background.

One thing I like about blogging is the sense of community. There are many admirable people in my blogging circles and I enjoy hearing from them. Although I get behind in my commenting, I do enjoy seeing the variety of fine images that are posted every day.

Last night I made a change to the sidebar of this blog. I added a list of the linkups that I participate in most frequently. Also known as blog hops and linky parties, these are opportunities for bloggers to share their posts and find other blogs to visit.  One of the most popular ones that I visit is Skywatch Friday, with over 100 participants.

I've never hosted a blog hop myself because I feel that I already spend more time on the computer than is optimal. My eyes get tired, sometimes to the point that they just won't focus any longer. I really should take more frequent breaks but I tend to get absorbed in reading and creating.

[Note to self: Set a timer!]

June 20, 2016

Old Ford Murals

Last week I shared a mural from the old Ford building in Luray. There are two more murals here that I want to show you and also share with Monday Murals.  They are painted to look like open garage doors at the Ford Dealer in the 1950s.

The building is on Broad Street (US 340) behind the Performing Arts Center.