November 23, 2014

Lynn in her Teens

portrait of young womanIn honor of Lynn's birthday, I'm posting a couple of old portraits of her. I took these photos back when I was taking a class in Studio Lighting at Northern Virginia Community College.  (I took many photo classes there.) 

Later I learned that she thought she was unattractive as a teenager! It seems sad that she did not realize she was pretty.

Rose, Shadows

These roses have fallen victim to winter since I photographed them on November 11. Even then they were almost finished, but I liked the shadows on the wall.

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November 22, 2014

Waiting at the Veterinary Office

"Maybe if I hide, they won't know I'm here!"
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November 21, 2014

Yes, It's Cold!

It's been unusually cold for November. I spotted this frozen fountain in Strasburg, but got to wondering after I took the picture: "Is it real?" I mean, it could be some sort of holiday decoration!

I did not want to enter someone's yard to find out. What do you think?

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A Selfie from my Photo Class Days

November 20, 2014

Beautiful Downtown Wardensville

Wardensville is in West Virginia but it's less than 30 miles from home. It's the first town we reach after we cross the mountain on Route 55.

This picture of the Visitor Center is unremarkable but I'm including it for two reasons.
  1. It has a fence, qualifying it for the Good Fences blog hop.
  2. It introduces the second photo! 

I love the weather vane that's on top of the Visitor Center.  I'm sharing this with Look Up, Look Down

Next door is a cute shop that sells coffee, crafts, and collectibles. 

Don't Take My Sunshine Away

dog in sunny spot

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November 19, 2014

Duck on a Rock

I believe these are mallards. Did you notice the other duck on the grass?

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Sign on an Old Building

Stephens City, VA
The ink, of course, refers to tattoos. I'm not a big fan of them or anything painful, but then, I don't even have pierced ears.  Both forms of body art have roots that go back into prehistory, so I suppose they have tradition on their side.

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November 17, 2014

Looking Down from the Storybook Trail

view with farm
Burner's Massanutten Heights

child taking photoOur pretty autumn weather may be over but I still have plenty of pictures left to share. These are from October 26, when we took a walk on the Storybook Trail to a spectacular overlook on Massanutten Mountain. Below us was Page Valley.

This trail is popular with families because it's paved and it's only a quarter of a mile to the top. There are interpretive signs telling about the geology of the mountains.

See my 2011 posts about this trail: A Walk Up Storybook Trail and View from the Top.

Looking Down on U.S. 211

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Mural and View, Rappahannock High School

This delightful mural is on the side wall of Rappahannock County High School, Virginia. You can see it from US 211 if the school buses aren't blocking your view.

Oh, there are giant paw prints on the asphalt! Whose? Well, it turns out that the team is named the Panthers.

High School near the town of Washington, Virginia

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November 16, 2014

Frank in Black and White

Shadows, Late Lunch

At Bob Evans Restaurant
Usually I carry a camera but I left it in the car when we went into the restaurant. The shadows turned out to be intriguing so I took a picture with my cell phone.

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November 15, 2014

Benny at the Vet's

Last week I took our cocker spaniel to the vet. One of his ears was infected again so they treated that. Dr. Coston checked to see how Ben's heart murmur was doing and found out that it has increased. They performed a blood test and said that Benny has heart disease, but it is not advanced enough to treat. Still, I feel concerned about it. He seems to be doing well most of the time.

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Lab results 

November 14, 2014

Wind Farm in West Virginia

Seen from Corridor H
Looking in the Opposite Direction

wind turbineOn a cloudy day in October we drove into West Virginia. After stopping at an antique show in Wardensville, we drove out Corridor H, which is the extension of Route 55/ US 48 on a new superhighway westward past Moorefield. I wanted to see where it currently ends, which is near the town of Scherr. It turned out to be only about 5 miles farther west from where we rode on it last year. But it looks like the next section may be completed soon.

There's an overlook near Scherr where you can see the wind turbines riding the ridge top for miles. It struck me as odd that these machines are working away in coal country, but I'm glad that West Virginia is moving forward in alternatives to coal, which is a finite resource and has cost the lives of many miners. Last year we drove along behind big lumbering coal trucks practically in the shadow of these new towers.

I read that the Mt. Storm Wind Farm has 132 wind turbines and extends for 12 miles along the Allegheny front, one of the windiest spots east of the Mississippi.

wind farm

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