October 23, 2016

Two Black and Whites from a Week Ago

This first image is from a store display. Sometimes I'm attracted by glittering things! I'm sharing this with Black and White Weekend.

The second shot shows a modest church along US 522 in West Virginia. It's called the New Vision Baptist Church. I'm sharing it with Inspired Sunday.

October 22, 2016

Two Feathered, Two Furry

Tufted titmouse, White-tailed deer, Vulture, and Flash giving me that look: "Taking pictures again?!"

October 21, 2016

Colorful Friday Five

Willy Nilly Friday
1. Yesterday we drove up to Skyline Drive to see autumn color. We went by way of Sperryville and entered from Route 211. If you go this weekend, I recommend using that entrance or either of the ones south of there because the northern (Front Royal) gate gets so much traffic on October weekends.

2. Near the northern end of Skyline Drive is Dickey Ridge Visitor Center. Stop by to see quilt art with a National Parks theme. 

3. This cutie was for sale in the gift shop. It reminds me of my friend, Ranger Shannon.

4. Below is a little creek in George Washington National Forest. This spot is across Mine Mountain Road from the iron furnace I showed on Tuesday.

5. This final shot shows a view of the lake at Cacapon Resort State Park. The name Cacapon comes from a Shawnee word meaning "medicine waters."

October 20, 2016

Good Fences of Fort Valley

Fort Valley is a pretty place hidden between the mountains of the Massanutten Range.

I'm sharing this post with TexWisGirl's fence linkup at the Run-a-Round-Ranch.

October 19, 2016

October 18, 2016

Autumn Arrives in Fort Valley

road in forestIt's still warm here and we're seeing touches of fall color, but not far away the leaves are turning more. Fort Valley in the Massanutten Range is always pretty, but in autumn it looks spectacular.

There are farms and rural homes surrounded by George Washington National Forest. I recently learned that there was another old iron furnace there and went looking for it yesterday. Unlike Elizabeth Furnace, this one is on private property but you can see it from Mine Mountain Road. I almost missed it because my eye was caught by a national forest sign across the road.

Behind the big stone structure there is a substantial stone wall visible through the trees. If you tour nearby Elizabeth Furnace you will find signs explaining how these furnaces were used for making iron before the Civil War. Since iron was used for making cannons in Richmond, Federal troops came through and destroyed these factories. Later some of them were rebuilt but they never fully recovered. 

Our car's map shows the approximate location. I'll try to remember to photograph this feature when I take photos of places of interest.

Here's a couple more farm photos from the area. I'm sharing these pictures with Tom's "Backroads Traveller" linkups.

Who Has Taken Over My Sofa?

Camera Critter, Wordless

October 17, 2016

Colorful Mid-October

The Good: Autumn has reached the mountain! Yesterday we drove to Cacapon Resort State Park in West Virginia and saw plenty of colorful foliage. 
Mosaic Monday
The Random: I saw this painting on a building. I didn't want to trespass so I had to photograph it from an angle.

Monday Murals
The Fun: Speaking of chickens, there is something fun about a giant chicken! The pumpkins at this market hold the promise of jack-o-lanterns and spicy-sweet pie! 

October 16, 2016

Inspired Sunday: UUCSV

Unitarian Universalist Church of the Shenandoah Valley
Stephens City, VA

October 15, 2016

New Feeder Sparks a Struggle

I don't usually put up a bird feeder this early in fall because the bears are still out prowling and sniffing the air.  This feeder just arrived from Amazon and I wanted to test it out so I put just a bit of sunflower seed in it, which immediately started falling out through the mesh. Some stayed in there though, and the birds and squirrels came promptly.

The birds appeared to be hungry! They competed for the right to cling to the feeder and partake.

Mr. Cardinal didn't try to perch but ate off the grass. He also observed the rumble at the feeder from a safe distance.

Sharing with The Bird D'Pot

My Lovely Little Sister

Happy birthday to Peggy! This black and white picture is one I took quite a few years ago. I cropped it and softened the edges in Photoshop.

October 14, 2016

Five for Friday, October 14

The Willy Nilly Friday format works well for posting five miscellaneous photos and linking to some blog hops.

1. Just clouds, sharing with Skywatch Friday.

2. We finally got our pool covered for the winter. I wasn't able to assist because my foot is still healing, so Frank hired a helper. Before that he cleaned out the leaves that had already blown in and removed the faded beach ball that was floating around.
Weekend Reflections
3. This is inside John's Family Restaurant in Rippon, WV. I enjoy the decor as well as the food.

I see enough frames here to qualify for Mersad's theme for today, Frames. There's also some orange for Orange You Glad It's Friday.

4. Sometimes the stickers on car windows are funny. Here's a hungry dinosaur to share with Signs, Signs.

5. I'm so tired of seeing memes that are based on lies! People share them without fact-checking. (How hard is it to look on Snopes or FactCheck anyway?) Well, I've been reading about the power of visual information,  so I made up a meme with the help of a cat and Photoshop.

Sharing with Pet Parade and Caturday