August 27, 2016

Three Farm Animals and a Squirrel

Fancy Chicken
Gray Squirrel

August 26, 2016

Random Five, Late August

Willy Nilly Friday

1. I was impressed by this fancy lily in Middletown.

2. I don't know what sign used to be in this frame but it seemed like an intriguing subject for Skywatch Friday.

4. Yesterday I wrote about the 100th birthday of the National Parks Service. Virginia is celebrating 80 years of having state parks. This sign is at Shenandoah River State Park, which, by the way, is a beautiful place!

4. Frank's been working on a page for our community property owners association. The main idea is to have a web presence with contact information. He put one of my pictures on it. 
5. We really like our new car! Frank drove a hard bargain at the dealership in Harrisonburg and got a good price. 

Dog Appreciation Day

It's Dog Appreciation Day, also called National Dog Day. Yes, every day seems to have some sort of designation, but at least it makes sense to have this one in August, a month known for dog days, at least here where this is our hot season.

August 25, 2016

Happy Birthday National Parks!

It's the 100th birthday of our National Park Service! I dropped by the contact station at Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park to extend a birthday wish this afternoon. The cake was almost gone but I don't eat cake anyway, so it doesn't matter. That park is only 14 years old, but it's always growing and changing. 

Shenandoah National Park is older, established in 1935. It's not far from home and we enjoy traveling on Skyline Drive, which runs the length of the park. The views are great and if we feel like walking, there are plenty of trails.

Big Meadows

August 24, 2016

Mount Storm Lake

Power Plant
This lake is in Grant County, West Virginia, not far from Scherr. Some locals refer to it as Lake Vepco after the power company that has since changed its name to Dominion. We reached it by driving the new highway that extends Route 55 west from Moorefield.  

The ridges here are part of the "Allegheny Front," one of the windiest places east of the Mississippi. No wonder we saw long rows of wind turbines here!
Mt. Storm Lake

Geese after a Summer Shower

August 23, 2016

Kernstown Random-osity

On Saturday I celebrated Winchester's Civil War Days by attending a lecture in Strasburg and then going to Kernstown to see a living history event at the Battlefield.
The Good: The Pritchard House at Kernstown Battlefield was built in 1854. This treasure has been stabilized and restoration is ongoing. 

The Random: There are various barns and sheds on the property and nearby. 

The Fun: I enjoy seeing folks dressed in period costumes.

August 21, 2016

Inspired in Fort Valley

Sharing with Inspired Sunday
This is one of the churches in Fort Valley, which is in Shenandoah County. Since I didn't make any notes about this building, I have no details to share. Let me make up for it by posting another image from that area. This quaint window is on the restored cabin at Elizabeth Furnace Recreation Area. 

Here's a drawing of the cabin as it appears on an interpretive sign. It was reconstructed by the CCC in 1936 using logs salvaged from five or six decaying buildings.

I posted a fanciful image of this cabin in 2010.

Almost Abstract at the Park

Near Maurertown, Virginia

August 20, 2016

Backyard Critters, Summertime


For the turtle's close-up, I used the zoom. I'm a little afraid that he might bite!

I'm including this vertical shot so you can see his trail!

Next we have a duck. 

Can you see the goose in this twilight shot?

August 19, 2016

Random Pictures from the Sublime to the Distressing

1. Orange sky and a reflection.

2. Gatherings: 
It's Civil War Weekend in the Winchester area. One of the sites you can visit is Shawnee Springs, shown here on a previous tour.

3. This dog kindly showed off his shadow for Photo Friday.

4. Honey, I wrecked the car! I was making a left turn on Sunday and did not see a pickup truck coming until the last minute. (He was driving pretty fast!) I tried to correct but he hit me before I got the car all the way straight again. Fortunately, no one was hurt. And several kind people stopped to help us.

I felt very bad about it. This was my husband's car and he really liked it. After three exhausting days of looking at cars, we bought a nice Nissan to replace it.

5. Did your ever read The True Believer? Years ago I read it in school and found it an enlightening study on why people join groups, including hate groups. I made this meme to represent one of Hoffer's themes.

August 18, 2016

Good Fences, Changing Times

Front Royal is next to Shenandoah National Park so deer, bear, and other animals wander into neighborhoods all the time. I stopped to take a picture of this pair because I don't see antlered deer very often. They soon found an opening in the fence and headed for the library!

This electric car from New York was getting charged in Strasburg. I imagine they enjoyed the view!

This yellow gate blocks a road in Rockland Park that isn't open to the public yet.

Sharing with Good Fences