May 31, 2009

Pamplin Historical Park's Main Entrance

There are three places at the Petersburg Battlefield that I would classify as don't-miss attractions. All require some walking but the trails are easy and well-maintained.
  • National Park Visitors Center and the trail out to where you can see "the Dictator"
  • The Crater
  • Pamplin Historical Park
We had almost two hours at Pamplin Historical Park and it wasn't enough to see all the highlights. If you can, allow four hours or more and wear comfortable walking shoes. You can enter through the Museum of the Civil War Soldier. Youngsters will love the "multi-sensory battlefield simulation" (unless they can't stand the noise).

Pamplin Park reminded me of Jamestown Settlement... so much reconstructed history that one gets a bit overloaded, but very well-done and entertaining.

Before you go, check on Admission Rates and Hours.

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