January 1, 2009

Web log post #1670

First post of 2009:

I only made a few resolutions for the new year:

  1. I will join Facebook. After all, both my daughters are on it. (And so I signed up today! Hope I don't let it take up huge amounts of time. I can see where it can be addictive.)
  2. I will be nicer at home. I've been irritable for the past few months, basically because I'm impatient with the progress I'm making against pain and how little the medical profession has done for me. (I've had shoulder pain since summer, explained previously, and will see a new doctor next week. Also, intestinal cramping continues although a prescription (dicyclomine) helps. Last week the gastro office said they couldn't schedule a H2 breath test until February! Fortunately, they had a cancellation so I get the test next week.

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