December 14, 2008

Local Minister-Hero, 1776

At Court Square in Woodstock, Virginia, a new statue of John Peter Muhlenberg has been erected only a few yards away from a bust of him. Muhlenberg was a Lutheran Minister who became a local legend when he left the ministry to serve in George Washington's army in 1776 and recruited other men in the Woodstock area.
bust of manstatue
Bust of Peter MuhlenbergNew Statue of Muhlenberg

On the base of the bust are various inscriptions:

Clergyman - Soldier - Statesman

John Peter Muhlenberg

October 1, 1746 - October 1, 1807

Major General

A time to pray
A time to fight
January 23, 1776

The legend tells us that Muhlenberg preached his farewell sermon, saying there is "A time to pray, A time to fight," and threw off his clerical robe to reveal a military uniform underneath. Recent research shows that the dramatic moment may have been exaggerated in stories, but there's no doubt that Muhlenberg became a significant officer in the American Revolution and afterwards served his country in various positions.

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