May 26, 2008

Two More Pics from Historic Stephens City

I took these photos after the parade and a block away. First, a couple who drove their old tractor in the parade make their way home.

Stephen's City is not really a city so much as it is a town. The Wikipedia page on Stephen's City estimates its 2006 population at 1,446. [There's a surprising amount of detail about the town's history on that page, check it out!]

I've mentioned Stephen's City on this blog before, particularly at a Spring field trip with LFCC and a Greek Restaurant (which is actually across the interstate from the town).

Today is Memorial Day so I'm posting the grave marker of a Revolutionary War veteran who was buried behind the Stephen's City UMC. John B. Tilden "served his country during the revolutionary war as Captn" and "was a minister of the gospel." He lived from 1762 to 1838.

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