May 27, 2008

Norm Butman

Our community has lost another great citizen. Norman Butman passed away this weekend during heart surgery. His death was a shock because he was vital and active until his last day. He was still working and volunteering, often commuting to Northern Virginia to teach.

Norm and his wife lived right behind where we used to live. They had a lovely log home built on the lot behind ours, with a huge stone fireplace and geothermal heat.

Norm was an experienced instructor in first aid and CPR and conducted several courses here in Basye including a lecture for the library and CPR classes for the Lions Club. He liked helping people.

I talked to his wife yesterday and was surprised to learn that he was from Roscommon, Michigan, which is only 30 miles from where my Aunt Clarice used to live in Rose City.


  1. Norman was a great guy and he will be missed by everyone who knew him. This is a big loss for every orgnization that he was involved in.

  2. By any chance did this Norman Butman actually LIVE in Northern Virginia in the 1970s? The reason that I ask is because I grew up in Arlington, and was close friends with Brian Butman and his younger brother Mark. Their father Norman Butman was the Scoutmaster of our troop, and was a tireless volunteer even then. He'd give talks at the end of our Boy Scout meetings - I still remember one talk, on "A Scout is Clean" night, in which a character in the story was unable to cook anything from a cookbook because the first instruction for every recipe was "start with a clean plate." If this is the Norman Butman who has passed away, he is sorely missed.

  3. I worked for Norman at George Sharp in the late 1980s, and he was very involved with the Boy Scouts at that time. I am very sorry to hear he passed away. He was a lovable boss.

    Rachael Pitts


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