May 9, 2007

Basye - the local tour and more

On the first day of a houseguest's stay, we typically take them on a local tour. Here are the local stops that I like to include on the first day:
  1. Bryce Resort - Drive through the valley on Resort Drive, always pretty with the golf course surrounded by mountains.

  2. Take Route 263 (Orkney Grade) to nearby Orkney Springs, a charming resort town out of the 19th century. Don't miss Shrine Mont's outdoor cathedral... if you can find it!

  3. Return to Basye, maybe stopping at the diner for lunch. Then turn on Alum Springs Road and head into the country, noticing the old stone furnace on the left. After a few miles you'll see the Mennonite Church on your left. Turn right onto Crooked Run Road and drive down to see Deauville Deer Farm. Return to Alum Springs Road and continue out to Jerome. Drive up into the church parking lot for a lovely view. As you leave the parking lot and turn left, make an immediate right and follow 717, pausing at Liberty Furnace to admire the scenic little mill. Eventually 717 puts you on Wolf Gap Road which bears right and takes you to Columbia Furnace. Here you can either return on 42 or take the extended tour below.

  4. Map not to scale, Drawn by the author

  5. Where Wolf Gap Road ends at Columbia Furnace, you can turn left instead of crossing the bridge to 42. Turn left again at the church onto Back Road (623). Enjoy the ride through the gentle hills and green fields.

  6. After passing through the quaint town of Mt. Olive, turn left on Battlefield Road. This takes you to Fisher's Hill, where you can stop at the Civil War site and walk out to the sign or all the way up the hill if you are so inclined. Continue through the town of Fisher's Hill, but slow down as you cross the bridge and look back at the scenic mill and creek. Then bear left and continue to Route 11, the Old Valley Pike.

  • We turn right on 11 and make our way back to Orkney Grade Road, passing through several towns and stopping at the old mill in Edinburg for a few minutes. Antique lovers may want to stop at one of the shops on U.S. 11, and there are also various other stores if you want to spend some money. Have fun!

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