February 23, 2007

Update on Guppy

A year ago I wrote about my dog having to take medication for seizures. At the time he had experienced a number of episodes which the vet thought were seizures, during which he frantically grazed on the carpet, licking up lint and sometimes foreign objects. When he swallowed a tiny battery and a piece of cloth he wound up in the animal hospital.

At the time my husband thought that the carpet licking was a response to a tummy ache. Later I read that some dogs were having problems after swallowing Greenies without chewing them up, so I stopped feeding them to Gup. I also stopped feeding him chicken-based dog food because one book links chicken allergy to seizures. Eventually I weaned him off the medication and the problem did not return.

Over six months have passed with no further carpet-licking. I don't know for sure what caused the episodes but I don't give him hard chew biscuits or chicken anymore.

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