November 21, 2006

Squirrel Story

child's story
Both of my daughters have writing talent. When Lynn was a child she made this little book using photos she had taken in the fron yard.

It starts off:

This is a toy squirrel.
He is in my yard.
I have a real squirrel.
She lives in my yard.
Her name is Mama Charlie.

This is my sister Marie.
She is putting a nut in my
squirrel's mouth so that mama Charlie can come and take it out and eat it.

This is mama Charlie.
She is sneaking up on my squirrel to take his nut away from him.

Now isn't that cute.
Why it's mama Charlie taking the nut.
This was a tricky picture to take so, it blurred a little.
But who cares?

Now she's sneaking away with the nut, and she says, "That was a close one." Then "He won't get me or will he? But ... I still got the nut."

1 comment:

  1. I thought the squirrel was just plain old Charlie. Why on earth did we call it mama Charlie? Dumb kids.


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