November 22, 2006

Busy little library

This morning I worked at the community library here in Basye. This is a volunteer position and it was the second time this week that I staffed the circulation desk. In both cases the regular volunteer was going to be away and so I filled in.

The library was busy this morning. Families came in to check out books, and visitors came in to use the internet. At one point all three internet computers were being used, two vacationers were using the wireless on their laptops, and a man was waiting for his turn to use a computer.

Our branch library is small but it includes a children's room and an ongoing book sale in addition to the adult collection. We have an extensive collection of audio books. The building is unique in that it is located at the airport.

By the way, did you know that Amazon Gift Certificates make a good gift? (And if enough folks use my links I may eventually earn a gift certificate for myself.) And don't foget that you can purchase books by Marie Javins.

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