November 11, 2006

More about MRL Carpenter (Sharpe) Freshel

I wrote about MRL (sometimes spelled Emarel) a few days ago (here) . She was my grandfather's half-sister. She must have been quite talented, for in addition to designing a Tiffany lamp still made today, she designed an elaborate chalet for a neighbor. I came across this some time ago using in a book called The American Bungalow 1880-1930. The book states that the house and the "Freshel Elizabethan house next door are now part of Boston College, called Philomatheia Hall and the Alumni House." Today I searched for more about it on the web and learned that both buildings were demolished in 1988 to make way for a modern building on the campus.

On another website I found MRL's house listed as the "Sharpe Property," leading me to surmise that MRL owned it with her first husband and kept it after his death and used it until sometime after she married Curt Freshel.

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