November 10, 2006

Just finished reading...

statue of soldier audiobook and a softcover book. Both are used copies and both are nonfiction.

  1. The History of the United States Part IV
    The Crisis of Nationhood by Professor Louis Masur, The Teaching Company
    This 10-cassette set is part of a long audio course on American History. The set covers the years leading up to the Civil War, the course of the war, emancipation, and reconstruction. Like most Teaching Company courses, it is well-done and interesting.

  2. Can a Gluten-Free Diet Help? How? by Lloyd Rosenvold, M.D. A neighbor who is gluten-intolerant loaned me a pile of books on celiac disease after I mentioned that I don't eat wheat because it makes me pass out. Dr. Rosenvold's book is more interesting than I expected. He avoids the sensationalizing that many authors fall into when they write about dietary matters. He explains how consuming gluten can be damaging if you have celiac, how it damages the intestinal villi and leads to other food intolerances. He also explains how it can worsen other conditions including MS, depression, and dementia. Find this book on

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